Charge Codes

Access "Manage Charge Codes"

On your left hand side, click on "Settings" / "Charge Codes" to see a list of all Charge Codes.

Search Charge Codes

Search by Charge Code Name or Number to find a Charge Code

Filter Charge Codes

Filter by Charge Code status or Approver Layers to filter Charge Codes

Sort Charge Codes

Sort by Charge Code name or ID to sort Charge Codes

View Charge Code Detail

Click on any Charge Code record to view Charge Code details.

Add a New Charge Code

Click on "Create Charge Code" to add a new Charge Code

Deactivate Charge Code

If you want to deactivate any Charge Code, you only need to go to that Charge Code detail and deactivate it by turning off the active status from here.

Add Request Approvers

Click on "Add Approver" to add Employees who will be able to approve your travel requests.

*Please note that if you do not assign approvers, employees will be able to raise a request without validation

Add Approver Layers

You can specify a maximum of three approver layers. In each layer, you can add a maximum of 10 approvers. When adding the approvers, any travel request submitted via this Charge Code, those approvers are notified so they can reject or approve these requests.

Add Out Of Policy Approvers

Click on "Add Approvers" to add or modify out of policy approvers who woll need to approve requests that do not conform to the travel policy.

*Please note that adding Out Of Policy Approvers allows you to select specific employees who will need to approve out of policy requests, even after the normal approvers approve such requests.

Add Requestors

Add requestors who are allowed to use this Charge Code. By default all employees will be allowed to use this Charge Code. The platform will only allow the employees who are added here to view and use this Charge Code, but if you do not add any requestor, this Charge Code will be available to use by any employee in your organization.