Access "Manage Policies"

On your left hand side, click on "Settings" / "Policies" to see your Organization Travel Policies.

*Note: Edit mode can only be accessible on Desktop browser, not on mobile.

Add Travel Policy Clauses

Start adding clauses (via drag and drop) to define your organization's travel policy. To get started creating travel policies start with:

1. Employees: Determine the levels of employees listed under the travel policy

2. Guests: If your organization allows employees to book visitor travel trips, add this clause.

Now add any of the following clauses:

1. Flight Type (Domestic / Gulf countries / International)

2. Maximum Price (you can specify the price allowed on either one-way or the round trip)

3. Cabin Class (you can specify the permitted cabin categories: First / Business / Premium Economy/ Economy)

4. Maximum Dependents (you can specify the maximum number of dependents allowed on the flight)

Finally, finish defining the travel policy by linking it to the "In policy" box.

Rearrange Layout

You can rearrange the layout after adding the clauses to have a better view of the policy by clicking on the "Rearrange Layout" button. This feature will rearrange the clauses in a way that is convenient for you to understand them.

Reset Travel Policy

You can reset the travel policy by pressing the "Reset" button. The reset procedure will delete all your pre-defined travel policies, which will result in all requests submitted by employees being considered as In policy!

Preview Travel Policy

You can preview the impact and result of defining the travel policy on the employees Job levels of your organization by clicking on the "Preview" button.

Publish Travel Policy

After you have defined the travel policy clauses for your organization, click on the "Publish" button to update the travel policies on the platform.