Raising a flight request takes few seconds and you are done! You just need to follow the below 3 steps:

Step1: Search

Choose your trip type (Round Trip / One Way / Multi-City), then select your origin & destination, flight dates, cabin class, how many travelers and which Charge Code Cost Center that this trip should be charged against.

Type your origin & destination cities

Set your departure & return dates

Choose cabin class and travelers

Once set click on "Continue"

Step 2: Select flight

Select the desired flight from the search results. Each result will show you complete information about the flight (Airline, time, price, airport, etc.) If you wish to have more information about a flight, click on "View Flight Details"

Filter your results by price or number of stops

Chose preferred times of the day and filter fare types

Choose your preferred airlines

Click on "View Flight Details" for more info

Each result has total price and fare rule

Click on "Modify" on top right to change details

Step3: Travelers

Once the desired flight is selected, add the travelers to the flight request. If your role is set by your HR admin to "Requestor", you will be able to add yourself, your dependents, your colleagues, their dependents as well as external guests. If your role is set by your HR admin to "End Traveler", you will only be able to add yourself as well as your dependents. Once added, set your purpose of travel to submit.

Add travellers to the request

Search & add your colleagues

Set dependent relationship if added

Set purpose of travel


Once you submit your request, you will see a confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirming the submission of your request. You can always track your request from "My Requests" page. Once approved, your itinerary will be sent to you instantly!

Sample request flow

Watch this video to see how you can easily raise a flight request and send it for approval.