Approve Pending Request

General Details

The top section of your request details will include the Departure date, request type (ex. Flight), Traveler Name, Request Number, Cost Center Charge Code, Status, Approvers Info and Activity Log.

Selected Flight

The selected flight card of the request is shown here (Airline, Flight Code, Date/Time, number of stops, duration, price, number of travelers, fare type). You can click on "View Flight Details" to see more info.

Any price change will be shown on card

If no seats are left, the card will show you

If the request detail is idle for some time, it will refresh

Flight Details

Flight detail overlay will show the full flight details that you have selected.

Traveler Validation

This will show who is traveling on this trip. Every traveler type is shown (Employee, Dependent, Guest). If any employee attempts to use another travel name, the elaa portal will tell you that this employee is using a different name other than the one on file!

Travelers Details

Click on "View Details" for each traveler to see all information about this traveler.

Approve or Reject a Request

Once you have a full visibility on the request, you can go ahead & approve the request. If you don't wish to approve, you can reject the request by selecting a reason from the dropdown list. If you wish to add an option comment with the rejection, choose "Other" which is the last entry in the dropdown and a comment textfield will show so you add your comment.

Add optional comment when approving

Choose a reason for rejecting a request

Sample Approve Flow

Watch this video to see how you can easily approve a flight request, so ticket gets booked instantly.