Request Detail

General Details

The top section of your request details will include the Departure date, request type (ex. Flight), Traveler Name, Request Number, Charge Code, Status, Approvers Info and Activity Log.

Cancel a Request

You can cancel your request, as long as it is not yet approved, because once it is approved, the itinerary will be automatically booked. To cancel or modify an approved request, you may contact our travel advisors directly by phone (920012333 ) or email (Government: or Corporate:

Next Step

You have visibility on whats next in your request journey.

Selected Flight

Your selected flight card is shown here (Airline, Flight Code, Date/Time, number of stops, duration, price, number of travelers, fare type). You can click on "View Flight Details" to see more info.

Flight Details

Flight detail overlay will show the full flight details that you have selected.

Travelers & Billing

The last section will show who is traveling on this trip as well as purpose of this trip. Again, the Charge Code is also showing as this trip will be billed against it.

Traveler Details

Click on "View Details" for each traveler to see details about this traveler.